Auctions on the Silver Screen

Here at Swann we may be divided into different departments, but whether we nerd out over books or prints, maps or photographs, we all come together to appreciate a good movie. After last night's Swann Galleries Film Club viewing of How to Steal a Million, we decided to compile a list of some of our favorite auctions in films. Some are funny, others heartfelt, all of them are excellent entertainment.

Presented in no particular order:

1. How to Steal a Million-1966 (scene begins at 00:1:37)

2. Octopussy-1983

3. The Magic Christian-1969

4. Trance-2013

5. North by Northwest-1959

6. The Red Violin-1998

7. Mousehunt-1997

8. The Addams Family-1991

9. The Phantom of the Opera-2004

10.  Otto e Mezzo-1963

11. The Artist-2011

12. The Vineyard-1989

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