Edward Gorey Drawings and Posters Top Lots from Speigel Collection

Swann Galleries' May 8 auction of Art, Press & Illustrated Books featured extraordinary material from the Edward Gorey Collection of Samuel Speigel. The exhibition was among the best attended we've had and nearly every lot found a buyer. The Gorey collection brought excited new bidders to Swann--and his posters, original artwork and ephemera were the runaway hits of the day.

More material from Speigel's collection will appear in our October 2014 auction of Art, Press & Illustrated Books.

Lot 305: This pen and ink vignette was used in advertisements, Showbill illustrations and merchandise for the 1992 Philadelphia Plays and Player's Theatre production of Amphigorey, A Musicale. It brought $5,500. 
Lot 304: This pen and ink illustration of a cigarette-smoking balletic acrobat with decoratively lettered title was designed for The New York Review Quiz Book, 1986. It sold for $4,500.

Lot 267: Gorey's 1983 publicity poster for a production of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado at Carnegie Mellon University's Kresge Theatre--one of only 100 and signed by Gorey--sold for $3,500.

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