Beautiful Images for an Ugly Habit: Cigarette Posters

Regardless of how we feel about the dangers of tobacco today, cigarette advertisements from the last two centuries are some of the most beautiful and captivating images on the poster market. There is an entire section of the Julius Paul Collection of Posters devoted to cigarette and rolling paper posters--and Paul himself was a rolling paper distributer.
Lot 13 is an almost creepy image by an unknown artist--are those bat wings?
Lot 22, by an unknown artist, shows how cigarettes were a part of dining out for many gentlemen.
Lot 15, from 1924, predates much of the public's distaste for smoking.
Lot 16 is a colorful image by poster design great Leonetto Cappiello.
Lot 1 is an image that was parodied later by an unknown artist for a beer advertisement (see lot 219)

Lot 11 features a repeating image of a well-dressed woman–a theme that was very popular in this era.
Lot 24 is one of the most playful images for rolling papers in the Paul Collection.
Lot 23 is by Albert Hoppler.
This poster designed by H. Gray pays homage to the work of Alphonse Mucha.
Lot 5's depiction of butterfly-winged fairies is divine.
Lot 18 is one of Mihaly Biro's designs for Abadie.
Lot 19, Andreas Farkas's design, was used by Modiano in many ads in the 1920s and 30s.

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