The Cult of Edward Gorey

Promotional photograph for the theatrical production of Dracula
Swann has seen some incredible auction results for rare and collectible works by the merrily macabre writer and artist Edward Gorey. But the cult of Gorey goes beyond books, illustrations and that wonderful animated intro for PBS's Mystery series. And, it's exciting to note that a younger generation is embracing the aesthetic of this singular artist. 
Young and famous: Gorey finds a new audience

Back in 2010, an American Idol contestant--Siobhan Magnus--proudly sported a Gorey tattoo on her right shoulder. 

And tomorrow New York's Dances of Vice hosts a PhantasmaGOREY Victorian Halloween Ball at One Hanover Square. The venue is transformed into a Victorian haunted mansion in what they describe as "an elegantly deranged celebration of all things whimsical, dark and Edward Gorey."
Fans get the full Gorey experience at the PhantasmaGOREY Victorian Halloween Ball

You don't need a tattoo to get in, but dress code is listed as: Neglected Murderesses, Doubtful Guests, Gashlycrumb Tinies, Hapless Children, Gilded Bats, Anguishing Artists, Restless Widows, Lonesome Mourners and the like.

Tickets will run you $30 in advance or $40 at the door. 
For more information, go to: 

Ready made for your next tattoo!

And, mark your calendars. This spring Swann will offer an excellent assortment of items from the important Sam Speigel Gorey collection! Contact Christine von der Linn for more information.

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