A Russian Avant-Garde Landmark Work

Among the highlights of Swann's Art, Press & Illustrated Books auction on Thursday is Mikhail Larionov's copy of Vladimir Mayakovsky's Dlia Golosa [For the Voice], which was designed by Lazar Markovich (aka El Lissitzky). It is featured among items in the sale from the inventory of the late Irving Oaklander.

Lissitzky's design, including a title-page photomontage and pictograms that mix typography and abstract motifs, accompanies 13 poems by Mayakovsky that were meant to be read aloud--thus the title. The book represents an important period in the development of Constructivist design by Lissitzky. The typography was the result of a collaboration by the artist and author to give new dimension to the printed word on the page, and became a major influence on western European art, particularly the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements. 

This copy is of particular significance, as it was once in the collection of Russian avant-grade painter Mikhail Larionov, and has his stamp on the front cover and copyright page.

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