Groundbreaking Benefit Auction in Prague

Nicho taking bids on Kristof Kintera's Ego.
On Saturday September 15th, Swann President Nicholas D. Lowry was in Prague, Czech Republic, conducting the first-ever benefit auction held for Dox, Centre for Contemporary Art

The event was a huge success with over 100 guests enjoying a museum tour, music by Tendance, a buffet dinner and a 29-lot auction. The auction contained Contemporary Art from such modern Czech luminaries as Eva Eisler, Jirka Kolar, Frantisek Skala, Pode Bal, Petr Nikl, Kristof Kintera, Ivana Sramkova, Karel Nepras and Oldrich Skacha.

The auction exceeded the organizers expectations by more than 50%, achieving over $320,000 and will become a regular event in future years.

Czech magazine editor and art curator Michal Nanoru, who attended the event, said, "the stellar success of the auction is a groundbreaking moment not only for Dox but for the whole Czech art world. It paves the way for the future, and leaves it now in the hands of the Czech art institutions to see that the path becomes more and more traveled."

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