Swann Specialists tour with Antiques Roadshow

Swann Specialists Nicho Lowry, Daile Kaplan, and Todd Weyman have taken their treasure-hunting skills on the road this summer, touring with the Antiques Roadshow. They have made their way through Eugene, Oregon, El Paso, Minneapolis, and Tulsa -with Atlanta and Pittsburgh yet to come. 

While in Oklahoma, the Roadshow made a pit-stop in the city of Pawnee to visit the town's historic Bill Ranch Museum, the highlight of which is the Ranch's colossal one-of-a-kind poster featuring Pawnee Bill's Wild West show.  

This extraordinary 70-foot find, originally designed to be viewed by a passing rail-car, was uncovered in 1982 after being hidden for over a century. After twenty years studying and working with vintage posters, Swann President and Specialist Nicholas Lowry was pleasantly surprised by the rarity of this unique exhibit.

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