Today's Top Lots: Americana

[John Roy] Robertson, Robert E. Lee, oil, 1863. Sold for $48,000.
A manuscript petition from the Cherokees, pleading to be spared from the Trail of Tears, September 28, 1836, was the top lot in today's Printed & Manuscript Americana auction, selling for $78,000. 

The day's other two top lots both pertained to the Civil War, and the Confederacy in particular. An oil painting of Robert E. Lee, Commanding General of the Confederate States Army, brought $48,000. This painting from 1863 is based on a well-known portrait of Lee from that time. South Carolina's Declaration of Independence, the 1860 Order of Secession that, in effect, became the Confederacy's Declaration of Independence, sold for $30,000.

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