Yesterday's Top Lots: Vintage Posters

James Montgomery Flagg, I Want You for U.S. Army, 1917. Sold for $12,600.
Yesterday's Vintage Posters sale had a patriotic air, with James Montgomery Flagg's iconic recruiting poster, I Want You for U.S. Army, 1917, selling for $12,600. The artist's Wake Up America Day, also 1917, brought $8,400, a record price for the poster. Howard Chandler Christy's We the People, 1937, signed twice in ink by the recently deceased Senator Robert C. Byrd, also exceeded estimates, selling for $7,200—records for both the artist and the poster. 

James Montgomery Flagg, Wake Up America Day, 1917. Sold for $8,400; Howard Chandler Christy, We the People, 1937. Sold for $7,200 on August 4, 2010. 

Mather Work Incentive posters were the other stars of the day. Chance Takers Keep Hospitals Busy!, 1925, set a record for Mather posters at auction, bringing $11,400. There were 23 Mather posters in all.
Chance Takers Keep Hospitals Busy!, 1925. Sold for $11,400.

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