The Cover & the Underground from the New York Observer

Loose Talk, Group of 9 posters, 1942. Estimate: $700 to 1,000. 
At auction August 4th. 

"The Secrets Issue" of The New York Observer (the July 12th issue) bears a familiar image on its cover—Dal Holcomb's 1942 WWII poster, which is featured in Swann's August 4th Vintage Poster auction as part of a group lot with eight other posters. The caption "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives" provides a friendly reminder in a time when people share every intimate detail of their lives online. 

Further inside the issue is the article "Underground Art," with a map to various art installations buried deep within the confines of the New York City subway system. Artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Al Loving and Sol LeWitt, all of whom have had work at auction at Swann in the past year, are mentioned for their iconic mosaics and stained-glass windows that bring color and style beneath the city. 

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