Vintage Light Fixtures Spark a Trend

Vintage light fixtures, so hot right now. According to a recent article in The New York Times, exposed-filament bulbs—reproductions of Thomas Edison's first light bulb— are a current decorating trend in trendy restaurants throughout New York City and across the country. While most homes and offices have made the crossover to energy-efficient bulbs, the filament light "emulates candlelight and flatters both dinner and diner." 

But why stop there? Hearken back to the time before Mr. Edison's invention, when candles provided light, warmth and ambiance. These lighting fixture trade catalogues from Young Ewen & Co., Philadelphia, featured in the Ephemera portion of the June 17th auction, include 42 linen-backed hand-colored albumen photographic prints, circa 1888, of automatic spring extension lamps. The double-sided advertisement for lamp fixtures, which were to be filled with candles, are clearly back en vogue.  

Bradley & Hubbard, Young Ewen & Co. Philadelphia, trade catalogue with 42 linen-backed hand-colored albumen photographic prints, circa 1888. Estimate: $500 to 750.

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