Jewish Cooking, 19th-Century Style

Esther Levy, Jewish Cookery Book, Philadelphia, 1871. Estimate: $10,000 to 15,000.

A rare first edition of Levy's The Jewish Cookery Book comes to auction on March 18th in the Printed and Manuscript Americana sale. In Jewish Cooking, 19th-Century Style, New York's The Jewish Week explains these outdated rituals, by describing that there is more to Passover than matzoh ball soup and saving a seat for Elijah. While Jews today may switch to a Kosher for Passover set of dishes and scour their oven for bread crumbs, few are likely to take their kitchen tables outdoors and "lay them in fuller's earth." The article, which calls Levy a "spiritual ancestor" to Martha Stewart, also mentions different recipes and tips on managing a 19th century household.

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