I Came. I Saw. I Carnivaled!

Dwight Clark Shepler, Dartmouth Carnival. 1936, and this year's poster, Brenton Rayner.

While Ivy League schools are known for their rigorous academics and Harry Potter-esque dining halls, Dartmouth has a quality that sets it apart from its competition—its rural setting in snowy New Hampshire. This idyllic setting provides a respite from academia, in particular with its nearly 100-year-old Winter Carnival. The Dartmouth, the college's daily newspaper, says that, while many traditions surrounding the festival have come and gone, one tried and true component of the celebration is the poster. The article also quotes Gwendolyn Rayner of Swann's poster department. Read more...

"Winter carnival posters—which have varied tremendously in artistic style but typically feature iconic images of skiers, ice skaters and other gleeful students—are coveted collectors items today."

Swann has the record price for a vintage Dartmouth Winter Carnival Poster. Realized in 2008, the 1938 poster sold for $7,800. The February 4, 2010 auction came just shy of that record, as the 1936 poster designed by Dwight Clark Shepler realized $7,200.

This year's winning designer has posters in his blood. Brenton Rayner, Dartmouth '10, is the brother of Gwendolyn Rayner.

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