Autograph Highlight: Carl Jung Typed Letter Signed to Freud's Biographer

Among the scientists offered in Swann Galleries' October 29 auction of Autographs is Carl G. Jung.

Jung's Typed Letter Signed (above) to Freud's biographer Ernest Jones, points out that Jones had made some factual errors in Freud’s biographical information, for instance: “[Y]ou got the story of Freud's fainting attack quite wrong.” The letter is estimated to sell between $3,000 to $4,000.

Jung admirers who attend the Swann exhibition may also be interested in checking out the Rubin Museum of Art, where Jung’s “Red Book,” full of his original drawings and manuscript notes, was recently put on public display for the first time. The museum calls this book “psychology’s most influential unpublished work.” For more information, visit the Rubin Museum website.

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