American Travel Posters Take Flight

Edward M. Eggleston's sold at Swann Galleries
for an auction record of $25,300.

Jim Brosseau's article, the "Connoisseur's Guide," which will appear in ForbesLife Magazine November 2, 2009, features Swann Galleries' President Nicholas Lowry as an expert. Mr. Lowry speaks to the growing popularity of American posters at auction and the value of poster collecting.
When you've traveled much of the world, you can lose sight of the beauty in your own backyard. America's travel-poster artists wouldn't let that happen. Long overshadowed by their European brethren, such as the Ukrainian-French painter A.M. Cassandre, who in the 1930s created the now iconic images of the liner Normandie, those American artists are just coming into their own...more

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