Buzz About Swann's Oct 20 Early Printed Books Auction

Deidre Woollard writes about materials offered in Swann's October 20th Early Printed Books auction in her article "Rare Bibles Up For Auction" that appeared on Luxist:
In the world of rare bibles a typo is worth a lot. Bible errors have led some bibles to be known for their mistakes such as the so-called wicked bible which has a omitted a crucial "not" in one of the commandments, turning it into "thou shalt commit adultery." ...more

Famous Biblical errors: The "Vinegar Bible," Oxford, 1717-16, contains the word "vinegar" instead of "vineyard" in Luke 20, among other misprints (left) and the 1613-11 second edition of the King James Bible is known as the "She" Bible because of the reading "she" instead of "he" in Ruth 3:15 (right).

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